404 Webb Place

Winnipeg, MB R3B 3J4

09:00AM - 03:30PM

Monday to Friday


Welcome to the Home page of Iqra Islamic School. we would like to express our delight and honour that you have chosen to visit the official website for Iqra Islamic School. Iqra Islamic School is Independent school, situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba was established in 2014 to fulfill an Islamic vision, and to provide the highest quality of education possible for the Muslim Community in Winnipeg.Through dynamic leadership and masterful supervision, our educational school proudly proclaims its devotion to blend the differences of each student, and create a harmonious environment. We offer Manitoba curriculum, however, we are planning to become an International Barra laureate authorised school. We use eclectic learning environment and offer individualize program to facilitate the students’ needs. We also engage the students in extracurricular activities to instil leadership and to provide them opportunities to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom in real life situations. We are currently reviewing our curriculum to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of our students. We are also striving to integrate modern classroom resources and technology. The school plants in the students an understanding of their culture and traditions.Students also learn how to read Arabic and recite the Quran in a proper manner. They also learn about Islamic values, ethics, history and geography.The aforementioned is just a glimpse of the aspirations that we, at Iqra Islamic School are working towards as our main goals.  We not only hope to create a strong Muslim school, with exceptional education, but we hope that with the guidance of Allah and the help of the community, Iqra Islamic School becomes the epitome of strong education, both Islamically and standard.  We hope that you may join us as we introduce the world to your children as educated and intellectual Muslims.