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Covid 19

As the 20202021 school year unfolds, Iqra Schoolcontinues to closely monitor public health information and make deliberate and informed decisions about protecting the physical and socialemotional wellbeing of our students, faculty, staff, and extended community. Given the fluid and everevolving nature of the COVID19 pandemic, circumstances are constantly changing and require great flexibility, patience, and creativity both on and off campus. Ongoing vigilance is exceedingly important, including maskwearing, physical distancing, and hygiene.

Iqra School is continuing its hybrid model during winter term, welcoming all students to campus who can arrive safely and abide by both IqraSchool and province of Manitobaprotocolswhile also providing virtual learning for those who cannot or choose not to return.

Mask Requirement:

All students, faculty, and staff are provided with face masks regularly, and they must wear them in any common spaces.Virtually every space is considered a common spaceincluding small study rooms, corridors, and restrooms. Maskwearing will be the expected norm and strictly enforced.Students who are in Nursery to Grade 3 are not required to wear masks, however we highly encourage it.

Reducing Density

Reducing the density of shared spaces helps facilitate successful social distancing. In classrooms, wewill maintain at least six feet between students. Classroomshavebeen reconfigured to allow for distancing.This includes the removal of unnecessary furniture such as shared tables, bookshelves,and more. Dismissal times are staggered to further reduce density.

Traffic patterns have been established to help maintain physical distancing in corridors and other welltrafficked areas.

Students pray their dhuhr salah together in their respective homeroom classes. On Friday, most classes pray Jummah salah in their respective classes, while a specificclassroom is invited into the gym to watch the Khutbahlive. The Jummah prayer is streamed to enable students in their classrooms to watch the sermon live through the televisions placed in their respective classrooms.

Visiting Campus:

Visitors to campus are strictly limited until further notice. The Admission Office is conducting only virtual tours and interviews, and college representatives are visiting virtually. Any visitors deemed essential will be required to follow safety protocols.

ParentsTeacher meetings are replaced with virtualconferences.No parentteacher meetings will take place in the school.

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