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Grade 1

Grade 1

Iqra School’s Grade 1 program sets the foundation for not just your child’s education, but for their whole life. Using the Manitoba curriculum, along with our Islamic Studies curriculum, our certified teachers will nurture your child’s academic abilities, emotional and social development, and overall growth.

Our teachers acknowledge that every learner is unique. Each day will be one of excitement and adventure as students engage in numerous handson activities. Using bothplaybased learning (guided play, dramatic play, and free play) and traditional learning. By taking the best of both worlds, your child will learn to process and make sense of what they are studying.

Curiosity and the joy of learning is at the heart of a student’sacademic experience. We encourage students to ask questions, try new things and take ownership over their learning. Our classrooms are not quiet static rooms, but rather dynamic spaces where movement, collaboration and hands-on learning are the norm.


Students will learn the Arabic language throughout the year. Students will learn the Arabic alphabets, along with grammar and basic words.


During art class, students will develop and expand their skills and knowledge in order to express their art ideas. They will also learn more about the logistics involved in arts, such as distribution of craft materials, the process of organizing and cleaning up their workstations, and using the correct tools and materials for a given project. Our teachers encourage students to use innovative methods to express themselves on the canvas. Through art class, our students will develop aesthetic sensitivity, perseverance, confidence, and good work habits.


Students will learn basic Dua’s which they can use in their everyday lives. A Dua book will be provided to each student to supplement their knowledge of Duas.

English Language Arts

Students will focus on polishing their reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, and speaking skills. Students will be asked to read independently to cultivate self-confidence and to develop higher level thinking skills. Certain topics of grammar will be taught through expository and creative writing. Students will learn to speak in front of their peers through participation in a class play.


Our French program is intended to enable students to grasp the basics of the French language. Students will expand their existing French vocabulary by learning how to count, naming body parts (such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), naming various weather conditions, naming various animals and plants, among others. Through our French program, our students will learn how to pronounce select words, apply practical vocabulary for communication purposes, and more.

Islamic Studies

Students will learn various topics during their Islamic Studies class throughout the school year. Examples of topics include the five pillars of Islam, mannerisms, basic cleanliness, stories of the prophets (and the lessons that can be learned from them), and more. Each student will receive an Islamic Studies textbook/workbook to supplement their Islamic Studies.


Students will focus on problem-solving strategies, thinking skills, real applications, mental arithmetic, organizing data and computational skills. They will build on existing math knowledge and learn how to mathematics in their everyday lives.

Physical Education

Students participate in physical exercises every school day. Our physical education program is designed to develop motor skills, locomotor movements, as well as development sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork. Exercises include sports and competitive activities requiring movements such as skipping, running, balancing, bending, sliding, among others. Students are also educatedon safe equipment usageand healthy life practices.


Students learn various surahs from the Holy Qur’anon a weekly basis. Qur’an classes are taughtby aprofessionalArab teacher.


Students will participate in hands-on activities to help understand scientific concepts. Topics of study include the four seasons, the five senses, an introduction to living things, among others.Our science classes consist of a hybrid between whole class instruction and small group activities. This allows students to foster important qualities such as self-confidence, teamwork, collaboration, and more. Scientific methods such as observations, making predictions, measurements, recording, and graphing are emphasized.

Social Studies

Social studies classes are designed to help develop students’ understanding of connections that exist in groups and communities on a local and global scale. Students also expand their knowledge about the beautiful country that they live in called Canada.

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