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Our libraryprovidescurricular collaboration and information literacy education, digital resources, and rich pleasure reading collections. We seek to instill in students a spirit of joyful exploration and discovery.

Library programs teach students ageappropriate skills in locating, analyzing, and using information in a variety of formats and contexts. Students are encouraged to use the library and technology resources to discover new approaches to problems, to develop global awareness and empathy, to pursue personal and academic interests, and to construct understanding from varied learning experiences.

Literature is explored throughout all grades with read-alouds, displays and book discussions. In addition, teachersguide students in choosing pleasure reading and prepare extensive age-appropriate reading lists.

Thepurpose of ourlibrary isto support the curricular needs of our students and faculty as well to promote independent reading by providing a rich selection of fiction and nonfiction materials for all levels and interests. We strive to provide quality library materials and information services to support independent reading and complement the K8curriculum. Contents of our library is updated periodically to ensure new resources are available to our students throughout the school year. Our teachershope to foster a love of reading and support our school mission to inspire within our students a lifelong love of learning.

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