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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

At Iqra School, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive academic, Islamic, and extracurricular programs and services possible for our students from every socioeconomic background. Our finance team will work with families to make Iqra more accessible and affordable for all.

Iqra School’s tuition includes the payment required for students to attend. Please note that tuition fees only cover a portion of the actual cost the school incurs to educate a student. Non-tuition expenses include school supplies and textbooks. Additional costs families may encounter are for specific activity choices such as a particular after-school activity or elective travel trips for specific extracurricular activities.

Grade 1-8






Application Fee


Payment Schedule

A $100 application fee must be paid at the time of registration (non-refundable).

A $100 supplies fee must be paid by September 8, 2021. The supplies fee covers all stationery needs for the entire school year (items include pencils, erasers, notebooks, rulers, etc.).

An early bird discount of 15% will be applied for students in nursery and kindergarten if the tuition fee is paid in full by September 30, 2021.

An early bird discount of 10% will be applied for students in nursery, kindergarten, and grades 1-8 if half the yearly tuition fees are paid by September 30, 2021.

Tuition fees can be paid in monthly instalments. Monthly tuition fees must be paid at the beginning of every month.

All cheques returned for ‘Non-Sufficient Fund’ will be charged a $50 administration fee per bounced cheque.


Payment Methods:

Bank Draft or Cheque

Payments can be made by cheque or bank draft. Cheques should be made payable to Iqra Islamic School. If you are mailing your cheque, please ensure that you enclose details for which student you are paying for, as well as the reason for payment.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers in Canadian dollars are accepted. Please contact us for our bank details. Please ensure that your child’s name is mentioned in the wire description.


Please remit payments to: Please ensure that your child’s name is mentioned in the e-transfer description.


We are happy to accept payments via debit. Debit payment may only be made in-person.

Please note that we do not accept cash or credit card payments.

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