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Technology enhances the learning experience at Iqra School and offers students new ways to communicate, collaborate, and create.

Our vision is that all of our students will learn to manage digital tools in powerful and ethical ways to meet their educational goals and further their understanding of the world. Wework hard to ensure that the most effective and appropriate technology tools are available to even our youngest students. As a result, our students are savvy, informed, respectful technology users.

Technology tools are integrated into classrooms in ways that augment teaching and learning and provide opportunities to reach beyond classroom walls. We strive to create a culture of responsible use and a continuous awareness of the positive (or negative) role technology can play in our lives.

Students in Grades 6 and above participate in our tablet program. Students in all grades have access to our computer lab. Iqra School students may also participate in cocurricular technology activities including coding and robotics.

Teachers encourage students to use technology in ways that are consistent with the ethical and moral standards of Iqra School and the larger community. Students in all divisions learn about the ethical and respectful use of technology, with the goal of becoming responsible digital citizens through explorationanddiscussion

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